Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Brain Frame

Its interesting how the brain works. Let me explain. I got myself a new pair of spectacles today after around 4 years or so. Yes four years, or maybe more!! I never felt the need actually. Till a couple of days back. Today I went to collect it from Lawrence & Mayo at M.G. Road after having given the order the day before.

I got the frame and tried it on. It looked nice, but everything appeared different- crystal clear. The visual feedback was so sharp and clear that it gave me a headache. My right eye power had increased a bit. So after putting on the new glasses, it took sometime for me to focus on what I wanted to see. I wasn't quite happy with that. I told the salesman. He told that it would take a while for me to get used to it and that it would be fine in a weeks time. I wasn't satisfied. I told him I was happy with the one I had earlier. He got the optometrist and she explained to me why my power increased - my right eye was more dependent on the left and that its become 'lazy'. She made me read text of varied sizes and I realized that it had indeed become 'lazy'. I thanked her, took my new frame and left the place.

On the way back, I started noticing people - the kind of spectacles they wore. It was something that happened sub-conciously, I started looking at the eyewear and how it suited the person than looking at the person itself. Its like some kinda file you registered in your brain. The brain being a complex supercomputer has about 100 billion neurons in it. Amongst all those neurons, one of them registers a 'new glasses' file and that appears in your 'Recent Documents' list in your brain. So everytime you look at a person, the 'Recent Documents' folder tells the brain about the neuron that registered a 'new glasses' file. So automatically (without you even knowing it) you look at the glasses and all the associated properties before you actually look at the person. Its interesting how the brain works.


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