Thursday, January 27, 2005


My phone took a beating this morning when it fell off my hand and crashed on the floor. I had a bad feeling that it would be the last time I'll ever see it. Fortunately, besides the panel coming off a bit (requiring me to clip it back), nothing really happened. Not even a scratch.

Its been my loyal companion for almost a year and a half. It keeps me well connected and I've never been in a situation where I wasn't able to contact anyone. Earlier, I had it set to notify me of any new email that I got. But I had that removed when my inbox started to flood. It still does help me wakeup on time everyday.

That made me think - What do people really use their phones for? I asked a few and the most common replies were - phone, sms and alarm. Well if thats the case, what about all those camera phones available in the market.

Well, for start, its still too early to invest in one. Camera phones are now in an evolutionary phase. You have newer and more advanced feature models springing up every so often. It will take a little more time before you can actually replace your digital camera with one integrated with a phone. Maybe I'd wait for the time when Nokia and Nikon decide to collaborate (Nikkia?) and engineer a product leveraging on their individual expertise.

What other mobile applications can you think of that could make life simpler? I've always found the location information showing up on the screen really cool - especially when you're travelling and want to know where you are at any given point. Why not take it a step further and display a location map showing the surrounding areas of the current base station to which the user is locked and one that changes as a user switches from one base station to another. Well, its something I've always wished on a phone. Whats on your wishlist?


At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I'd really like is for my phone to have GPS enabled functionality (at probably a slight premium) so it tells me the route to take to get to your destination, or the location of businesses in the neighborhood, sortable by category (restaurants, coffee joints, panwala(!), gas stations and tyre-fixers. Probably when the bandwidth is available, and phone services become common like a commodity (not to mention pan-walas fitting a transponder (if thats what it takes to send out the signal where they are (hell, I dont even know what it takes (ok, this is my last parenthesis(I should get a programmmer dayjob, hmmmm (ok, this is my last parenthesis)))))) it will happen. But for now that seems like a pipedream.
I have a camera phone, and the novelty of clicking all and sundry "artistic" scenes around you vaporized in 3 days flat. I noticed that I started to take pictures of my shoes (while I was wearing them), arm extended, abdomen distended....well, you get the picture, when I said hell, screw this. Back to having it as a companion to tell me time (even when I am wearing a watch), how many bars there are, denoting the strength of the signal at all kinds of places (and remarking to myself "lousy provider"), alarm clock (funny how the phone goes off like clockwork), and to play the few measly games that come free with the phone.
Rant off. 

Posted by Addu

At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wouldnt mind an "invisible mode" feature as a function of the mobile service provider.  

Posted by muthu

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Motorola phones? They are quite sturdy. I have dropped my V300 phone several times and abuse it quite literally (because it's my work phone - My personal phone is a Treo 600), but it still works fine. One of my friend ran his car over his V300 and apart from the external Caller ID LCD malfunction, the phone still works fine. 

Posted by Anand Viswanathan


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