Thursday, September 01, 2005

Misplaced Love

Just came across this site -

The firm - Pod Love
What they do - iPod audio uploading service.

Say that you've got a huge cd collection (anything > 30 cds). And you want to transfer all the audio from that into your iPod. For us (the regular guys), that would mean a few hours during a weekend. Heck, we would even do it during weekdays after workhours. These chaps are targeting the oh-i'm-so-busy-I-dont-have-the-time-to-upload-all-that-audio people ( I seriously wonder how many people actually go and pay for such kind of service ). All you got to do is give them a call and they'll come and collect your iPod along with all your cd collection, rip, upload and give it back to you within 3 days. What sorta business idea is this?

Hmm, I had thought about something similar (although it is a different league altogether) a few months back - a dial-in Laundry service targeting people new to Bangalore!