Friday, August 12, 2005

The Rising: winner!

Yesterday's experiment with The Rising took an unexpected turn! I got mixed responses from lots of people including a couple of hate mails saying that it was a shrewd money-making excercise from my part. I had to delete those comments, including other appreciative ones as I had made it very clear that I will not entertain anonymous comments as well as those that were out of topic.

And so for a good part of the day, I was kept busy moderating comments and responding to emails. It was late evening that I get a call from TCS saying that there were interested in purchasing the ticket as a prize for one of their internal competitions. I was flabbergasted and agreed.

So, ladies and gentleman, the winner - Mr. Nithin Nadagouda.

To put things in perspective, TCS Bangalore had run a small contest internally for their upcoming e-newsletter. The person coming up with the best name for the newsletter gets a free ticket to the first day's show of The Rising. And thats how they contacted me!

I've kept my promise. Although not a Gold Class ticket, Nithin did get gold class treatment.

Thank you TCS and congratulations Nithin! We look forward to hearing your review of the movie.


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