Saturday, February 11, 2006

End of Chapter - Goodbye

4 months is quite a long time. And a lot has changed since that last post at The RadioHead. I've switched jobs, moved cities, attended weddings of 2 people really close to me and other sundry things. But somehow inspite of all this, I never really missed spending time here. I've sort of grown over this, even though an occasional check on the stats show that people still visit this place. That really means a lot!

Quite a few people had asked me why this blog was called The RadioHead and funnily, I've never mentioned that here. No, its got nothing to do with the band. Well, my first job in Bangalore was on RFID, which, to put in short, was something to do with radio frequencies. I've been working with RFID right from college, so the whole RadioHead thing could be the result of too much RFID!

But it was fun. I got to meet lots of good people, travelled and I've even had some celebrity moments with it. However, its never gonna be the same again. Things change and that is what makes life all the more interesting. Change is good.

I've compiled a list of posts that has been driving traffic to this blog. Not plenty, but still. Presenting,

The RadioHead - Zeitgeist
  1. The Good Food Guide.
  2. The ATM Experience.
  3. The GMail Secret.
  4. The Rising : Contest.
  5. The Pop-Fan Theory. - not this one though, but I found it funny to share it.
So where to from here? Well, I will now be posting on which has been on the works for quite sometime. There are lots of things planned, so do check it out.

Thanks for all your support. Good Bye.